The staff of The Learning Tree consults in all matter of social engagement practice. Our consultants are practitioners with years of praxis behind them. We give a practical (not theoretical) mindset for people to learn from. Our neighbors are our business partners and they bring their gifts, talents, social and networking capital as their initial investment. In this way we adds collective social capital to all The Learning Tree endeavors. Plus 20% of our consulting income goes back into our funding pot for community projects.

DeAmon Harges been doing Asset Based Community Development since 2009
-discusses being a Roving Listener
-best practices

WildStyle DaProducer has been a music professional, photographer, and community activist since 2012
-discusses being a Roving Illustrator
-best practices

Maurice Broaddus has been a professional writer for over fifteen years
-writing workshops
-community conversation facilitation

Amanda Wolf has been the executive management since 2011
-non-profit organization and development
-technical assistance


The Learning Tree:

Business entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs. Philanthropists.

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