Luke Sama Hazel


Luke’s talents runs all over, from music to anime to writing. Him, Cozie, and his cousin, Jamahl Crouch, formed an arts collective known as the Shadow Village, for artists who wanted to remain unknown, or rather not interested in popularity, but still wanting to work together. One of his current projects is working on a comic with Jamahl Crouch. His spirit number is 11, so he sees himself as someone who brings natural energies together, making him a natural connector. Luke believes in community as “everybody needing to become that man isn’t necessary.”

From Atlanta, Georgia, his music is real hype (with an influence of Li’l Jon to it). He grew up in a strict, godly home. His family is Muslim, regularly attending a mosque for worship. He sees a lot of himself in his titular character, the Samurai Pirate. A true samurai is about a code, conducting himself with dignity and honor. A pirate has more of a wild streak. The samurai in him influences his lyrics. The pirate in him brings the hype to the music.

Music came first. His uncle was a battle artist and Luke grew up around the artistic lifestyle. His friend Cameron died from an asthma attack when Luke was 13. He was a great artist, into anime and rap, while Luke was into sports. When Cameron died, Luke felt the obligation to pick up where the young artist left off.

By the time he was 16, Luke was into jerking. He met Chauncy who had been doing it his whole life. Through him, Luke met Cozy. The three of them formed a jerking crew and later started rapping. Luke was the balance between the other two’s nerdier and athletic extremes. He’s trying to get a culture going. Lupe Fiasco was a huge influence, an example of bringing together gaming geek and hip hop.

Jamahl, Cozy, Chauncey (Chief), Mumble, Reject, Beezy, and his mom are the people who inspired and encouraged him. Luke views money as important, but not a necessity. He hates the way that artists tend to clique up, the way that support only goes to the bigger people. What’s most important to him is brotherhood and togetherness. “If you’re not genuine about what you’re trying to do, I don’t want to be around that.”

Currently works at Groundwork Indy, doing landscaping. Used those skills to clear a field and prepping it for future events. As an artist, he was most recently seen at Chreece, but next up is an appearance at the Water Bowl (Muncie, Indiana). Next year plans to go to Texas.

Eventually he wants to make it to South by Southwest and then throw shows. He loves to do event planning, with an eye toward gaming tournaments. Besides selling out venues, he wants to get into being a videogame coach and a music coach. But his most important role is as a father to his 5 months old daughter.


In the beginning, there was the dark and light energies. One day they started beefing. The nature of their battles caused the earth to be created; for space and time to become celestial powers. In the wake of their cataclysmic battle, a prophet awakened. The light and the dark were bound as celestial bodies, their continued battle shapes the cosmos. His job done for now, the prophet retreated, but in his passing came the Spirit of Life. That creative spark.

During the Age of Warriors, different warrior races inhabit different realms. The samurai inhabit the light and the ninja inhabit the night. They were the two most powerful clans and they formed an alliance. A samurai and a ninja became allies. But when the alliance broke down and wars began, the two of them left.

The ninja showed the samurai things about art and what it meant to be an artist. How to draw. The samurai’s methods were sometimes sloppy, sometimes causing the ninja to get mad and lash out. But they realized they needed each other to balance one another out. That their brotherhood was the most important thing.

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