SAWUBONA 46203 PRESENTS: Januarie York and Damon Dulin

Januarie York and Damon Dulin

To try to draw out what all Januarie York is and does, you will tire of saying “she’s more than that”:
She’s a writer.
She’s a poet.
She’s an activist.
She’s a community organizer.
She’s a champion of women, especially black women.
She’s a force of nature.

In a room, she’s still to the point of being a like a shadow, listening and observing. But, a nationally renown poet, her name rings out, respected by all who know her.

An administrative assistant, Januarie’s gifts include being a(n):
-creative mind
-event planner

Januarie could teach:
-poetry, writing, blogging
-event planning
-the business of being an artist

Read her blog at

“At five years old I told my mom, ‘I want to make a difference.'” -Damon Dulin

An IPS mentor, Damon’s gifts include being a(n)

Damon could teach:
-life skills
-coping mechanisms
-comedy/stage presence
“Damon has the heart of a servant. He’s always the first to volunteer and give of himself.” -Ro Townsend

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