According to LISC commissioned study, Fall Creek Place and other Indianapolis neighborhoods are gentrifying

According to a study commissioned by LISC Indy, 5 census tracts have experienced displacement causing the percentage of African-Americans to drop some significantly in several neighborhoods. The study done by the Center for Community Progress shows the Near Eastside neighborhoods of Cottage Home and Holy Cross experienced a 56% decline in their African-American population from 2000 – 2014. During this same time the overall African-American population actually grew citywide by 17%. In Fall Creek Place dramatic displacement turned a predominantly African-American community into a predominantly white more affluent community. Several statistics not included in the study is the 314% increase in residents with bachelor degrees or the 723% increase in households making over $150,000 a year in Fall Creek Place, all statistics I found in the same US Census Bureau reports they would have used to complete their study.

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